Importance of Texture & Delicacy

I recently wrapped up a group exhibition at the RAC gallery titled, The Importance of Texture and Delicacy, an exploration of the concepts of emotional fragility and “Existence as Resistance” in Black Culture. The exhibition was curated by my dear friend, Katherine Reynolds and I also got a chance to show with some very talented ladies/friends (Eugenia Alexander, Jen Everett, & Katherine Reynolds)! We had a great turn out during our opening (June 23rd) and during our artist talk (August 4th).  Check out some photos from the, A Revolution on its Own, series. 

Eileen Chong is a local writer here in St. Louis who attended the artist talk and published an article about our exhibition. Read more here!


Artist in Residence

It has been a busy Summer to say the least and unfortunately it is rapidly coming to an end. BUT with the end of summer comes Fall and ART. If you’ve never noticed before, some of the best exhibitions and art opportunities open/start during August or the beginning of Fall. That being said, one opportunity I have been chosen to be a part of is an artist in residency program offered by Paul Artspace here in St. Louis, MO!

The duration of this residency is for 1 month (September 1st - 29th). Each resident is given one private living space and one private studio space. At the end of our time, we are to exhibit the work we should have created during our stay. The work I intend on displaying is in relation to the Black Girl Bleu series I’ve been working on and will feature photography and sculpture. Stay tuned to see the updates in progress and final project!

Leaux <3


Over this past weekend I had the pleasure of being in not one, but two shows!

The first show, Black Women > Breathing was held 7/7/17 at Urb Arts located in Old North St. Louis, MO. Black Women Over Breathing is a simple concept. Black woman are important. All the black women in my life have made me a better person. Without them, I wouldn’t be here. Without black women, WE wouldn’t be here. 

This exhibition pays homage to ALL Black Women featuring black women artists of various mediums. It featured several of Black female artists ranging from many mediums. The turn out was EVERYTHING. The love people showed was nothing short of amazing. I really have to hand it to the curators, Adrian Walker and Danielle McCoy. Check out the flyer and some images from the show below!

The 2nd show, Art, Mimosas, and Pancakes was a one night showcase put on by Seals Brock. It was the 3rd Annual “Art, Mimosas & Pancakes” exhibition. This event showcased an array of art from emerging & professional artists from Saint Louis, Detroit, Oakland & Chicago. The special guest “Joonbug” from Oakland, CA did a live painting. 

Leaux <3

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