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AROIO Sculpture #05

$175.00 USD

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A Revolution on its Own emphasizes on the many ramifications brought on by society’s dark history induced by existing outside of the European standard and within a large Black femme body. Our society tells us fatness is not beautiful. Blackness is historically, not beautiful. The few times in contemporary art when we do see larger femme bodies it is of women of a European stature. The erasure and misrepresentation of fat Black femme bodies in contemporary art is only a mirror we can hold to society. One might argue the rise of the body positivism movement as protest—however, even within this movement the women seen in mainstream culture are rarely persons of color and are scantily stepping outside of the modern body standard society holds. This body of work is simply meant to exist in contemporary spaces that seem unfit as a resistance to this standard. The vessel representation communicates the stigma and stereotype born out of slavery—the fat Black femme existing to be only of service to White women and White families. The fragility of the work reminds you that these fat Black feminine figures can be both strong and delicate, a very important angle for this work.


This glazed ceramic bust can hold liquids 

Glaze Color: Glossy Black, Matte Black, Satin Bronze, Glossy Pink

Size: 9" - h, 7" - w, 5" - d

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