Ain’t I Pretty, 2020

For me, ain’t I pretty is about how we see ourselves. Particularly how we should see ourselves outside of the western gaze. I use my own body in this short film performance because I wanted to express some thing within myself. I wanted to express that this gesture of putting on lipstick, adorning the body or to make myself more appealing, more “attractive”— this gesture of beauty is not for you, it’s essentially for me. I am hinting at an unkept beauty and how black womxn have been seen as unkept my media and other outlets. We aren’t allowed grace to be unkept and it’s effected how we see ourselves. There is an expectancy to be ON at all times. It’s unrealistic. The way I am able to apply the lipstick outside of the lip line and still find satisfaction with my lip gestures and the lips smacks, I am able to reference that unkept beauty for myself and for other black femmes. and make it beautiful for us.

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