LOLA AYISHA OGBARA (interdisciplinary artist/ sculptor / arts administrator) born and raised in Chicago, Illinois holds many talents under her belt, i.e.; painting, design, mixed media, sculpture, photography and illustration. “My practice explores the multifaceted implications and ramifications of sexuality in regards to the Black experience. I work with clay as a material in order to emphasize a necessary fragility which symbolize an essential contradiction implicit in empowerments”. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Arts Entertainment & Media Management that she received at Columbia College Chicago in 2013.

In 2017, Ogbara co-founded Artists in the Room, a collective of artists and scholars who host artists, emerging and well-known, in hopes of serving as a catalyst for artist development and networking. Ogbara has received numerous honors and awards, including the Multicultural Fellowship sponsored by the NCECA 52nd Annual Conference.

Ogbara has exhibited in galleries and museums across the country including and currently based in St. Louis, Missouri, working as a visual artist. Ogbara is a graduate student at Washington University Sam Fox School of Art & Design and is on track to receive her MFA in the year 2020.


My practice explores the multifaceted implications and ramifications of femininity in regards to the Black femme experience. Analyzing internalized constructs of femininity, I use the body form, as well as, the pointed absence of the body in my work to demonstrate a desire in visibility. I investigate the myths in dangerousness surrounding the complexities of the Black femme sexuality often using and referencing my own body as a source of inspiration. This investigation has led to my interest in examining history’s use of the feminine Black body creating a nexus conceptually to today’s sexual political economy. I work with clay and metal as these materials play on the tensions of fragility and strength in regards to Black femme realities. In addition, fabrication and ready made materials support the execution of demonstrating my own reality. My work expels strength through vulnerability in which I intend to challenge desirability politics, social constructs, and discourse surrounding feminism.

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